2012 Banquet Awards



On behalf of the 2012 Awards Committee, congratulations on your well deserved titles. We are very proud of you and your achievements. Year after year, our NJ Pine Barrens Golden Retriever Club members continue to succeed and earn more and more awards. We applaud your dedication to our wonderful breed, the Golden Retriever...



Awards Photo

Dog's Name


Titles Earned 2012

1. Goldilock's She's All Country CCA Connie Foust & Amanda Carroll  CCA

2. Woodlyn’s Sleeps W’DA Fishes CCA, CGC, TDI Stephanie & Michael Schiappa TDI

3. Stagestop's From Angels Wings CCA  Ruth Osman   CCA

4. Alrayms Tobys Royal Flush TDI Carlene & Harry Wible TDI
5. Gold Love Eyz Uv Thu Wyld CCA
Amanda Drummey  CCA

6. UJJ, SHR Sunrise's Kotton Kandy CGC  Debbie Mullin & Scott Fosterling  UJJ, SHR

7. Harborwynd’s Wave on Wave CGC CD RE NAP NJP OAP OJP Pat Browne OAP, OJP
8. Sweetlea Spring's Flowering Beauty CCA  Linda & Joe Randall CCA
9. ARCHX Camelot's Ready or Not, Here I Come TD, CD, CD-H. RA, RL1X, RL2X, RL3, CCA, CGC, CL1 Renee Hall & Pat Herschman  CL1
10. UKC CH/CAN CH Rivers Edge Ima Lil Mermaid CCA Debbie Mullin CCA 
11. Sunshine Hill's Best Of The Nest TDI Linda & Joe Randall  TDI
12. Golden Rules Xploding Colors UD RE SH NA NAJ TD Martha Windisch  TD
13. Woodlyn's First Lady Of Song CCA Lynne Riley & Sharon Abbey CCA
14. UJJCH CAN/UKC CH Gold Rush's Royal Diamond Flush CCA  Debbie Mullin  UJJCH
15. Harborwynd’s The Riddle CD SH WCX TD Martha Windisch CD, WCX
16. Deep River's Edge Flyin Blue Angel CCA   Debbie Mullin  CCA
17. Can Ch. Deep River's Catawba Twlight Magic CGC Bob & Dottie Anne VonSuskil CGC
18. Tequila Sonny Sunrise CGC TDI RA CD CCA THD Debbie Mullin & Alan Gurvitz CCA, RA, THD
19. Fox Hollow's Deep River Hunter Beau TDI  Glenda Rose TDI
20. Golden Rules Slumdog Mallard-aire JH TD WC Martha Windisch JH, WC
21. Nancy’s Heavenly Hailey RA, RN, CGC Nancy MacDonald RA
22. Woodlyn's Summer Wind CCA Lynne & Bub Riley  CCA
23. Goldilock’s Maia Star Of Ocean Pines CGC, CCA, TDI Connie Foust & Kathleen Hewitt  CCA, TDI
Windy Ridges Sow Muckle Frae Sow Wee CCA
Taylor & Amanda Drummey  CCA
25. Adirondac South of the Border CD SH WCX CCA  Martha Windisch CD, SH, WCX, CCA
26. Stagestop’s Just Buzzin By RA, JH, CGC, WC,CCA, TDI Gerry & Bill Sprague  RA, JH, CCA 
27. Can Ch, UKC Ch, SHR Karing Eldorado Deep River Ketel One On The Rocks CDX, RE, RA, RN, JH, CGC, CCA, VC, TDI Dottie Anne Von Suskil & Chris Browning Can CH, UKC CH., JH, SHR, CCA, VC
Pine Run Kiowa I Walk The Line RN MX MXB MXJ MJB XF ADHF  
 Lora Durr   MXB, MJB, ADHF

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